Note: The order of appearance of the following festivals and events is according to the time of the year when they usually occur. Dates can change however over time. We try to update the info frequently, but some of it might be outdated. The year in the bracket […] indicates when the info was posted. Dates of the current year will be shown in RED.


Taipei Riverside Park Flower Carnival

Do you still remember the vibrant purple flower fields in the spring of 2021? The ​​flower fields in Guting Riverside Park are composed of purple flowers such as sweet violet, mealy sage, and lavender with pink flowers of the season serving as floral decoration. The ground appears like a large canvas on which colorful flowers were used as paint brushes. The creation of large flower fields like this is rare in the big city. Surrounding the fields are large open areas of green space with various interesting art installations. Visitors can wander through the dreamy ​​flower fields and immerse themselves in the romantic spring atmosphere.

Taipei Riverside Park Flower Carnival:

[2024] January 26 ~ February 8 / Taipei City

[2021] January 28 ~ February 10 / Taipei City

Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

To give Taipei a distinctive Lunar New Year flavor and satisfy the needs of people to buy Lunar New Year goods, “remove the old and bring in the new,” “gather around the stove” for a family meal, and buy gifts etc., a professional team is commissioned to organize the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival. A series of activities gives the city its own Lunar New Year image and convey the festival’s most important meanings of reunion and bustling festive atmosphere. The event is be combined with activities held by Taipei’s Lunar New Year goods shopping districts attracting large crowds.
Taipei Lunar New Year Festival:

[2024] January 26 ~ February 29 / Taipei City

[2022] January 29~February 28

LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival

When the cherry trees are in full bloom, you can view them in the evening and enjoy romantic scenes in Taipei! During the cherry bloom season in spring, lights along the cherry corridor at Neigou River illuminate the trees to create beautiful nighttime scenery. Visitors strolling along the river can enjoy various cherry blossoms, including Taiwan Cherry, Yae Sakura, Showa Sakura and Yoshino Sakura. The bright lights make the atmosphere is especially enchanting. A cherry-blossom viewing location easily reached by MRT, this has become a popular spot for taking IG photos!
LOHAS Cherry Blossom Festival:

[2021] February ~ March / Around Taiwan

Lantern Festival Events

Among the numerous Lantern Festival events staged each year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is the largest in scale and the most important. Each year a different city or county serves as host, the honors going to Hsinchu City in 2021. The cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung have their own grand annual Lantern Festival events. For the 2020 edition, the venues in Taipei were the Ximending/North Gate area in the city’s west and the area around Nangang Station in the east. The Kaohsiung event has traditionally been staged on the banks of the Love River, with lanterns displayed beside the riverside paths that are popular with romance-seeking visitors throughout the year. The small town of Yanshui (old name: Yuejin), in Tainan City, is best known for its annual beehive fireworks festival. The Yuejin Lantern Festival, lesser known but equally attractive, is a beautiful and much more peaceful affair. You can go on romantic walks through a park and marvel at colorful and beautifully shaped lanterns floating peacefully on the waters of the town’s river.

[2022] February 11~20 | Taipei City

Taipei Lantern Festival

[2024] February 13 ~ May 18 / Taichung City

[2020] January 29 ~ May 20 / Taichung City

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

Among the main deities worshipped in Taiwan, Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea, is arguably the most important. There are hundreds of temples on the island dedicated to the goddess, and elaborate festivals are held to celebrate her birthday (23rd day of 3rd lunar month; April 15th in 2020). The biggest and best-known Mazu event is the annual Mazu Pilgrimage in central Taiwan, starting at Taichung’s Zhenlan Temple in Dajia District. Before and during the pilgrimage, endless fascinating religious ceremonies and rituals can be witnessed as part of the Taichung City Mazu International Festival.
Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau:
Zhenlan Temple: (Chinese)

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Releasing paper lanterns into the sky is a very popular activity for tourists who visit the scenic Pingxi Valley in New Taipei City. While sky lanterns are released throughout the year, during the time of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival (two weeks after the Lunar New Year) the atmosphere is especially enchanting. Thousands of revelers gather and hundreds of lanterns are released at the same time in succession, turning the night sky into a sea of orange lights. Write your wishes on your lantern and send it to the heavens!
New Taipei City Travel:

[2024] February 23 & 24 / Tainan City

[2021] February / Tainan City

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

While the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is a very peaceful and heartwarming festival, the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival is definitely not. And it’s not meant to be. The origin of the beehive fireworks goes back to the late 19th century, when the people of the town of Yanshui were plagued by a cholera epidemic. Turning to the gods for help, they carried a palanquin with Guan Di, the God of War, through the streets and set off firecrackers to scare away the evil spirits responsible for the plague. This approach apparently worked, and the faithful people of Yanshui have been organizing the beehive fireworks event annually ever since.
Beehive Fireworks Festival:

[2024] February 24 ~ March 10 / Tainan City

Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan