The Last Facial Tattoos?

By 2022 Nov./Dec., East, Events

In 2011, a “Passing on Facial Tattooing” event celebrating the indigenous tradition of facial tattoos was held at Taroko Village Hotel, located inside the Taroko Gorge. On September 25th this year the hotel organized a follow-up event. Invited this time were younger tribe members who have had their faces tattooed in recent years.

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Eateries Serving Rice-Based Food

By 2022 Nov./Dec., Food/Accommodation, North

Rice is by far Taiwan’s most important food crop. So important in fact, that roughly half of the country’s arable land is given over to cultivating it. And for good reason, too, because for many Taiwanese, not a meal goes by in which rice does not feature in some form or other. To prove the point (if indeed it needed proving), Travel in Taiwan recently sampled some of the many rice-based offerings available in Taipei.

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Taking to the Waters

By 2022 Nov./Dec., Feature, North

Taiwan’s north coast is a perennial favorite with Taipei urbanites seeking an escape from the daily grind. Easily accessed from the city, summer weekends see families flocking to the area’s sandy beaches. But when the mercury dips, a different kind of watery relaxation is called for – the warm embrace of a hot spring.

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