Chilled Delights to Keep You Refreshed Under the Taipei Sun


Whether you crave fluffy mountains of shaved ice, popsicles bursting with classic or novel flavors, or the delightful offerings of local ice-cream shops crafting creamy concoctions infused with adzuki bean paste, matcha, or even grass jelly, Taiwan has a frozen treat to suit your every whim. From time-honored indulgences to the latest innovations, these icy delights promise a refreshing respite from the scorching summer heat.

As Taipei’s temperatures soar above 35 degrees Celsius, cool down with a selection of refreshing cool delights. Indulge in time-honored favorites such as shaved ice – tiny shavings meticulously trimmed from ice blocks straight into your bowl and adorned with a myriad of sweet toppings; treat yourself to popsicles crafted from cherished family recipes, passed down through generations; and explore the city’s abundant offerings of creatively fashioned ice cream, each scoop a testament to love and innovation. Whatever your craving, you’re never far from a satisfying frozen treat in Taipei.


Situated just a brief 5min stroll from MRT Zhongshan Station amidst a bustling shopping district, the Taipei Zhongshan branch of PaShih beckons with an industrial-inspired interior. Exposed-brick walls and concrete define its aesthetic, exuding an air of modernity. The space is characterized by clean lines and soft-toned hues, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere for patrons. Adding to the sensory experience is the subtle aroma of grass jelly permeating the air.

Shopfront of PaShih

Since making its debut on the city of Taichung’s food scene in 2013, PaShih has garnered a loyal following of grass jelly connoisseurs in central Taiwan as well as in Taipei. It has also opened branches in Hong Kong. While initially the demand for grass jelly was not promising at its first store, in Taichung’s Fengjia area, PaShih persevered, driven by the team’s unwavering commitment to their craft and a profound passion for their creations.

Grass jelly is made with mesona, a member of the mint family. To achieve its distinctive flavor profile, the herb is first dried, then slow-cooked for approximately eight hours with minimal ingredients added to allow its natural essence to concentrate and deepen. At PaShih, seasonal cold-month desserts are prepared to serve as winter warmers while refreshing ice-based treats take center stage in the warmer seasons, ensuring a delightful culinary experience year-round.

Exposed-brick wall

PaShih expertly blends its concentrated grass jelly with gelatin for a delicate texture that retains the full depth of aroma without any dilution. Despite its unassuming appearance, this humble dessert is rich and satisfying with every spoonful. In the winter, it is commonly served warm, accompanied by crunchy peanuts.

During the warmer months, PaShih prepares a variety of refreshing grass jelly iced treats. Among these offerings is a revitalizing grass jelly tea, which has a minty finish that provides instant relief from the heat and is ideal for those on the move. When seeking respite from the hot temperatures outside you can enjoy the cool, air-conditioned setting and choose from a range of chilled desserts inside the shop.

The bilingual menu with pictures of the drinks and dishes makes ordering easy. Among the standout confections is the exquisite grass jelly bowl, featuring house-made grass jelly, tapioca balls, and a medley of taro and sweet potato soup dumplings. A scoop of mildly bitter matcha ice cream is added to create a delightful balance of sweet and bitter. The rich, creamy ice cream complements the airy texture of the shaved ice perfectly.

Grass jelly with matcha ice cream and adzuki beans

PaShih’s shaved ice is a marvelous concoction of subtly flavored grass jelly ice delicately layered atop a foundation of grass jelly. This towering mound of fluffy shaved ice boasts a uniquely soft and pillowy texture, striking a delightful contrast between the ice on top and the hidden grass jelly below.

Grass jelly shaved ice

The shop’s signature dumplings are a delightful combination of sweet potato and taro, delicately enveloping small spoonfuls of sticky black rice. The dumplings have a velvety texture and burst with the vibrant, natural flavors of the respective ingredients. Simply spoon this delectable addition into your grass jelly selection to enjoy the refreshing dessert even more.

Sweet-potato and taro dumplings

Before leaving PaShih, consider buying a cup of cooling grass jelly drink to keep your body temperature comfortable while outside. And with each sip, you’ll be reminded of the delectable experience you’ve just had at this place of full sensory satisfaction.

Chun Mei Ice Shop

Found between MRT Nanjing Fuxing Station and MRT Taipei Arena Station, just off Dunhua North Road, Chun Mei Ice Shop has become a go-to destination for aficionados of delectable shaved-ice treats. Since its inception in the summer of 2017, the shop has been delighting patrons with its exquisite shaved- and snowflake-ice creations. Specializing in a variety of ice options, including pineapple shaved ice, sesame panna cotta atop ice, almond tofu served over ice, and taro shaved ice, it offers a culinary experience like no other. There is no English menu, but the friendly staff will help you with the selections. What sets Chun Mei Ice Shop apart is its commitment to crafting everything on-site and by hand, including the almond tofu and sesame panna cotta, showcasing its dedication to quality and authenticity.

Chun Mei Ice Shop
Inside the shop

Pineapple shaved ice is one dish you should try at Chun Mei Ice Shop. Sweet and tangy pineapple chunks are strewn atop a bed of traditional shaved ice, then adorned with delicate and wobbly aiyu jelly (made with the seeds of the creeping fig). This refreshing classic shares the “signature offering” spotlight with another masterpiece, a towering mound of milk-flavored snowflake ice generously coated in a velvety taro sauce – offering pure, earthy sweetness. Yet there’s more. Topping this off, chunks of taro, chewy taro balls, and a decadent drizzle of brown sugar and condensed milk complete this work of art.

Enjoying an ice at Chun Mei
Snowflake ice with taro sauce

Da Yung’s

While Da Yung’s is renowned for its delectable fruit-infused teas and other beverages, sold at its numerous branches in Taipei, what many may not realize is that it also offers seasonal shaved-ice treats and frozen yogurt. The enterprise is committed to sourcing premium fruits from dedicated farmers utilizing sustainable agricultural practices. Emphasizing the use of the freshest seasonal fruits, it implements strict safety standards, including a rigorous screening process for pesticides. Moreover, a logistics network has been established to ensure that fresh fruit is supplied to all outlets weekly, maintaining the highest level of quality and freshness in Da Yung’s offerings.

Fresh fruit, drinks, and ice

Located next to MRT Taipei City Hall station is the City Hall Dream Branch, where the predominant emerald-green interior color contrasts strikingly with the white wall tiles and light-wood finishes, exuding an air of sophistication. While the freshly prepared fruit boxes look enticing, you certainly don’t want to leave this shop without perusing the bilingual menu and ordering one of its renowned shaved-ice creations.

Mango ice and smoothie

In the summer months, Da Yung’s serves up a variety of refreshing treats crafted from fresh mangoes, such as mango smoothies, mango shaved ice, and mango green tea paired with almond tofu.

Opium Fen-Yuan

Just a short 2min walk from MRT Guting Station, in the student-popular neighborhood surrounding National Taiwan Normal University, Opium Fen-Yuan has been a fixture since 2016. Having multiple branches across Taipei City and New Taipei City, the operation is renowned for its traditional style of shaved ice graced with generous amounts of such typical toppings as tapioca balls, sweet potato balls, and adzuki/mung beans.

Outside Opium Fen-Yuan
Inside the shop

As you seek refuge from the heat outside, any item on Opium Fen-Yuan’s menu promises to provide a satisfyingly cool respite. However, for the quintessential classic experience, opt for their signature bowl featuring tapioca balls, taro balls, sweet potato balls, and adzuki beans. The tapioca shaved ice comes highly recommended as well. With a bilingual menu available, ordering is quick and easy, followed up with a relaxing wait in the cozy and inviting interior while eagerly anticipating the arrival of your icy treasure.

A bowl of tapioca balls
Adzuki bean option
Peanut option

Opium Fen-Yuan’s tapioca shaved ice features chewy and soft tapioca pearls on top of a mound of shaved ice. The dish shines with earthy adzuki beans alongside chewy taro and sweet potato, creating a pleasant textural contrast that is sure to excite your palate. Both options are a must-try for any shaved-ice enthusiast!

Snow King

With a rich history dating back to 1947, Snow King proudly holds the title of Taipei’s oldest-running handmade ice cream shop. Located in Taipei’s vibrant Ximending area, not far from Taipei Main Station, this venture has been delighting patrons with delectable ice cream creations over multiple generations. Grabbing a seat by the window offers the perfect vantage point for an afternoon of people-watching from the second floor while indulging in the highly innovative and deeply delicious ice cream.

Snow King is on the second floor of a building in Ximending

Snow King has long been a trailblazer in the local ice cream world, pushing the boundaries of flavor innovation. It continually captivates and captures new loyal patrons with daring creations – the current menu sports offerings such as basil, watermelon, pork floss, and custard apple. The team’s greatness is evidenced by the acclaim they’ve received from notable publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, collaborations with prestigious brands such as Porsche and Kurisake have further solidified their reputation as pioneers in the industry.

Newspaper clippings can be seen on the wall

While embarking on a mission to sample the entire ice-cream menu at Snow King is highly recommended – there are scores of options – two standout flavors should not be missed: oolong tea and red wine. The oolong tea ice cream enchants with its smooth, milky texture and vibrant green tea notes, which sing throughout each creamy bite. The red wine option is special on several levels. Not only does it boast a fragrant aroma evocative of fine red wine, but the addition of wine-soaked raisins introduces a unique textural element, presenting little bursts of intense wine flavor with each indulgent mouthful.

Seasonal offerings
Red-wine and oolong tea ice cream

LiAng Le

On a scorching day stroll along the riverside in New Taipei City’s Tamsui town, a 10min walk north of MRT Tamsui Station (the northern terminus of the Red Line), the relentless sun ignites a craving for delectable ice cream. While nearby vendors offer sweet and milky soft serves, it’s LiAng Le that beckons with its homemade ice cream gems. You could opt for a classic cone adorned with up to three tantalizing scoops of ice cream, but the true standout is the peanut roll ice cream.

LiAng Le in Tamsui

LiAng Le offers a diverse array of ice-cream flavors catering to every palate, with options like matcha, sesame, taro, peanut, guava, and adzuki bean. However, one especially recommended standout combination is peanut and taro. The creamy taro perfectly complements the earthy richness of the peanut, creating a harmonious blend. Topped with crunchy-sweet peanut brittle shavings inside the pancake roll, this combination is truly special. The occasional burst of freshness from cilantro adds another layer of complexity, giving you a toothsome mix of tastes sure to make you smile. Also, don’t overlook the sesame and matcha combination; the nutty, earthy notes of the sesame beautifully contrast with the bitter undertones of matcha.

Peanut role ice cream
Cone ice cream

50s Popsicles of Tamsui

Situated just off a busy intersection, a 5min walk from the Light Rail Tamsui District Office Station, 50s Popsicles of Tamsui is an iconic establishment that has been delighting patrons with its classic Taiwanese flavors for decades, drawing tourists from all corners of the island. Stepping inside feels like stepping back in time, as weathered wood, exposed-brick walls, and vibrant-red roof tiles create a charming and nostalgic ambiance. You’ll be greeted by a menu with Chinese characters elegantly carved into hanging sections of bamboo. (There is no English menu.)

50s Popsicles of Tamsui

While the array of choices can be overwhelming, trying the house special (qing bing; a traditional ice made with banana oil), dong ding tea, or plum popsicle is a good starting point. The mellow and intriguing qing bing popsicle is especially cherished by many for its timeless appeal. Crafted using time-honored methods, each popsicle of 50s Popsicles of Tamsui carries decades of tradition in every bite, ensuring a satisfying experience no matter which flavor you choose.

Old-style decoration
Old-flavor popsicle