Exciting Bicycling Activities and Events in 2021


2021 has officially been declared a Year of Cycling Tourism in Taiwan, and there will be a host of bicycling-related activities and events around the island this year, meaning joyful times for cyclists of all age groups and physical abilities.

Bicycling in Taiwan is a whole lot of fun, and there are a number of good reasons to go on bicycle journeys to explore this wonderful land, including countless dedicated bikeways, convenient bike-rental services, and amazingly diverse scenery.

Circling the whole island on two wheels is high on the list of must-dos for local riders and for cyclist enthusiasts visiting from abroad. It can be done at a leisurely pace in about 10 days by following the clearly marked Cycling Route No. 1.

Many cyclists in Taiwan dream of achieving another special feat, riding all the way up to the island’s highest highway point, Wuling (3,275m). To make this ride extra-special, you can start in Hualien, riding through Taroko Gorge and then climbing up the steep mountains. Since 2012, a special bike-race event, Taiwan KOM Challenge, which takes place every October,  has allowed ambitious riders to take up this challenge while competing against each other.

Taiwan KOM Challenge riders

The route around Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan is regarded as one of the best cycling routes on the island. Once a year the Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday event attracts around 1,000 riders, who come to circle the lake clockwise, starting and finishing at the Xiangshan Visitor Center.

Riding around Sun Moon Lake

During Light up Taiwan cyclists are taken to four of Taiwan’s many picturesque lighthouses, one for each cardinal direction: Fugui Cape (North), Sandiao Cape (East), Eluanbi (South), and Guosheng Harbor (West). For each lighthouse a large-group ride is organized.

The annual Formosa 900 is a 9-day round-the-island trip undertaken by numerous local and international riders, with groups starting at different locations along Cycling Route No. 1.

Bike race in Taiwan

For more info about the above and other cycling events visit: taiwanbike.tw.