Chiayi City

By 2022 Jan./Feb., Feature, South

Chiayi is an old city sitting in the middle of the southwest plains with a pleasingly relaxed pace. It is filled with nuggets awaiting the history spelunker, more and more of its architectural nuggets now turned into places of trendy cultural-creative enterprise, joining the legion of friendly old-time shops and eateries.

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The Great Taiwan Coffee & Tea War

By 2021 Mar./Apr., Food/Accommodation, North

A battle of the daily staple beverages has been raging in Taiwan the past decade-plus, a titanic struggle for the hearts and minds of the people. Tea has sat proudly on the throne for centuries. The upstart coffee waded ashore from places foreign (i.e., Starbucks from the U.S.) in the 1990s. Which is winning? Which has the most legitimate claim to being the preferred daily beverage staple of Taiwan’s inhabitants?

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